Service Introduction

Pack Space Direction Division supports companies’ marketing events.
As a member of Kinugawa Group, which focuses on providing decorative materials, we utilize various materials to design, ideate, and create an memorable space and moving experience.
We specialize in Exhibition, Showroom, Interior Construction, and Content Production; and we are expanding our digital capability.

Exhibition in Japan and Overseas
We endeavour in maximizing the exhibit result by designing the finest space to demonstrate new technologies
and collect customers’ opinions. Not only in Japan but also overseas, Pack provides high quality and all-rounded event planning service, from strategy planning, creative ideation, operation, to construction.

Online Event
Following the COVID-19 Pandemic, events are more likely to be held online.
Based on our past experience in marketing and content-production, we commit to provide the best online event services.

Showroom, Interior Construction
We aim at strengthening brand values and creating more communication opportunities in commercial space such as showroom and office.
We utilize our experience in exhibition industry to provide new value to the space.

Seminar, Award Ceremony, Meeting and Products Launch Event
Since we believe communication is an efficient strategy of building customer relationships and promoting business, we conduct events on the basis of creating a communication-borderless environment.
Please do not hesitate to ask for a full event planning service!

Easy Display Kit
Easy Display Kit has good balance in mobility and design. Since the kit could be used in different exhibitions without complicated construction, exhibitions could be launched with high cost effectiveness.

Content Production
We make use of every scenes promotions, to produce leaflets, posters and videos etc.
By previous experience in exhibition events, delivering produced contents in a short time is one of our strengths.